2016 was a good year, full of travel, amazing weddings and incredible couples. We always feel so lucky we get to enter into peoples lives and document the most important day of their life. We’ve met so many rad people and have had opportunities to work with the best vendors in the industry.

      The readers, the viewers, the people who follow what we do: We couldn’t have had such an incredible year without your support. So, thank you for believing in us and our work and for allowing us to string you along on these adventures. Moving forward, instead of simply connecting with you through the images we create, we want to actually meet you—in real life—for a coffee at home in Penang and / or a tea half way across the world.

      Photography for us has always been about exploration and adventure, whether it’s for weddings or travel or otherwise. A huge thank you to everyone who carved out some time for us, assisting, over coffee, a trek through the woods for outdoor session, whatapps or via an email or message. You helped in making our year a great one.

      2017’s shaping up to be interesting and it goes without saying that we very, very excited and we are ready for you. We know it.